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2013 Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Employee Recognition Celebration

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2013 Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Employee Recognition Celebration

The 2013 MBSH Service Awards Banquet took place at the Eagles Hall in Sullivan on Saturday evening, January 18, 2014.  The theme for this year’s event was “MBSH Prom” so employees were encouraged to wear their formal prom clothes to the event.  When entering the hall, employees and guests were greeted by Tony and Mary Schwarm, the hospital president and his wife.   Several of the ladies who attended were dressed in their prom gowns and even a few of the men came in tuxedoes!  At the entrance there was a 16 foot star wrapped in brightly colored balloons.  Foam core posters were on display that looked like year book pages, showing the employees being honored in groups from 5-years clear up to 40-years of service.  Another fun activity at the event again this year was the photo booth.



Tony Schwarm, MBSH president, welcomed the many guests to the celebration and expressed his gratitude for the dedicated service employees give to patients of the hospital.  Mr. Schwarm offered the invocation for the delicious meal catered by The Barn and Grill from Bourbon.   It was an appetizing buffet dinner with an assortment of scrumptious desserts to select from.


Following the meal, Lisa Lochner, assistant administrator, introduced the video presentation.  Highlights of the many activities of the past year at MBSH were shown followed with snapshots of the honored employees.   Tony Schwarm, president, Carmen Wacker, chief nursing officer and Kathy Reed, human resources manager, joined Lisa to hand out the service pins to the honored employees.  The climax of the presentations was when Vicki McGraw was given her pin for 40-years of continuous service.   In total, 50 employees were recognized for their service.


The Team Award was presented by Carmen Wacker, chief nursing officer.  The teams nominated for the award were the Emergency Department GDP team, Safe Patient Handling Team and the Community Health Needs Assessment – Internal Team.  All three teams were outstanding and provided significant improvements at MBSH.  The team that received the award was the Emergency Department GDP team.  Their objective was to improve the quality of care for the ED patients through a focused, detailed process improvement plan.  Their accomplishments were a 25% decrease in “door to triage” times, 35% reduction of “door to provider” time and a 63% reduction in the “left without being seen” count from prior year comparisons.


The Leadership Award was presented by Tony Schwarm, MBSH president.  Three individuals from hospital management positions were nominated with Charlene Tolle, housekeeping manager, receiving the award for 2013.  Mrs. Tolle was noted for praising, coaching and complimenting her staff, letting them know they are valued and appreciated.  She is always open to any problems or concerns, and is not afraid to discipline when necessary, but does so in a very professional and fair manner.  She coaches and encourages with fairness and kindness to resolve and fix any issue.  Many other positive comments were given by her staff including final comments that “She treats us as she herself wishes to be treated.  We believe Charlene is a classic example of a leader.  They don’t get any better than her.”  Congratulations Charlene!


The next two awards presented by Lisa Lochner, assistant administrator, were the Patient Choice Awards for an employee and a physician.  The individuals receiving those awards are nominated by patients through their positive feedback and comments made on their behalf.  The Employee Choice award had 22 employee nominations this year with Nancy Christopher, laboratory administrative assistant, being the winner.  Patients noted that “She always greets with a warm smile and friendliness.  She is always smiling, thoughtful and helpful in many ways.  It’s less stressful to see a familiar face.”  Another patient wrote:  “Every time I’ve come to the Lab, she has greeted me like an old friend or family member.  You need more people like her.”  Congratulations Nancy!  For the 2013 Physician Choice Award, three physicians were nominated by patients.  Physicians are recognized quarterly by positive comments from patients and staff.  From the nominated physicians, Dr. Barbara Dixon-Scott was chosen to receive the award.  She was not at the evening’s event, but was presented her award at the hospital the following week.  She had been recognized by the most patients, through customer satisfaction surveys, for providing the highest level of excellent care.  Congratulations Dr. Dixon-Scott!


The final award given was the Caring Spirit Award.  Maggie Head, risk manager, was the presenter of this award.  This award is selected from the group of employees nominated for the monthly Caring Spirit Award.  They are nominated by fellow employees then selected by a committee to win a specific month.  A bigger committee selects from the 12 individuals for the Caring Spirit of the Year.  For 2013, Linda Cuneio, housekeeper was the winner.  Nomination comments about Mrs. Cuneio included that she is a positive and upbeat person, which shows in her daily work.  She takes time to speak to all patients, family members and staff who she comes in contact with.  She takes tremendous pride in her department’s work in the hospital and personal pride in a job well done.  Linda makes coming to work fun and exciting.  Congratulations Linda!


Following closing remarks by Kathy Reed, human resources manager, the evening continued with drawings for very nice attendance prices, socializing and dancing to lively DJ music provided by “Hysteria Sound.”  Everyone had a very enjoyable evening and appreciated the hard work of the Employee Activities Committee and Kathy Reed to coordinate the spectacular celebration.