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New Faces in the Care Coordination Department at MBSH

Monday, July 28, 2014

New Faces in the Care Coordination Department at MBSH

There are three new faces in the Care Coordination Department at Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital.  This is in response to the recent retirement of Karen Rohrer and Barbara Marcus, who collectively had 41 years of experience in care coordination at MBSH.  Erin Smith, RN is one of two new case managers hired.  Erin has worked at MBSH for the past seven years, most recently as a nurse in the intensive care department.  Laura Tuschhoff, RN has also taken on the role of case manager.  Laura has worked at MBSH and BJC Corporate for the past 14 years, most recently as the clinical information systems coordinator.  Samantha Alu, RN has worked as Clinical Quality Specialist at MBSH for over 4 years, and is additionally taking on the role of Clinical Documentation Specialist.

The role of the case manager is to work collaboratively with the patient, physician, and other members of the healthcare team in efforts of achieving high quality and cost effective patient outcomes.  From the moment that the patient is admitted, the case manager evaluates the patient’s medical status, ensures the patient is admitted and transitioned to the appropriate level of care, facilities a proper care plan, and advocates for services needed during and after hospitalization to meet the patient’s individual health needs.  Case managers also submit required communications to payers, such as Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance.

The Clinical Documentation Specialist works with the interdisciplinary team to improve the overall quality and completeness of the clinical documentation. In ensuring the accuracy of the clinical documentation, the Clinical Documentation Specialist is able to review data to determine the quality of care and outcomes of care for certain clinical quality measures.  

Case managers and Clinical Documentation Specialists must possess strong analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as attention to detail, in order to evaluate medical conditions and the best plan of care for the patient.  Erin, Laura and Samantha do possess those skills and are an excellent addition to the patient care team at Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital! 


Pictured l-r: Erin Smith, Case Manager, Laura Tuschhoff, Case Manager and Samantha Alu, Clinical Documentation Specialist