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More Than You Bargained For

Thursday, August 14, 2014

More Than You Bargained For

by Nancy Monzyk, PTA

Summertime garage sale-ing can be fun and rewarding.  I’ve enjoyed the thrill of finding great bargains at yard sales for over 10 years.   I love getting out in the fresh air, socializing with friends, family, and other sale-goers, learning the history of various items, and, of course, the anticipation and excitement of finding that one great bargain of the day.  It gives me a sense of well-being knowing that I am reusing/repurposing items instead of contributing to a landfill, finding good, gently-used items for charities, or discovering the perfect gift for a friend.   Where I used to have Friday night “Girls’ Night Out”, now I love Saturday morning “BFF Garage Sale-ing!”  It’s a great way to get some exercise and reduce stress. 

Maybe you share my joy of yard sales, or maybe you are the poor soul who gets dragged along with the person who shares my joy of yard sales.  Either way, here are some tips for staying safe while garage or yard sale-ing:

-          Go early in the morning to avoid the heat and have the best selections.

-          Wear good, supportive walking shoes, not flip-flops, as there may be uneven ground, grass, and possibly steep driveways or hills.

-          Wear loose, light-weight clothing, a wide-brim hat, and sunscreen.

-          Take a bottle of water to stay hydrated and not get overheated.

-          Be sure to look for children and pets when parking and leaping from your car to be the first one at the sale.

-          Watch for items propped against tables or laying on the ground which could injure your legs or could be stepped on and broken.

-          Be sure to use good body mechanics when lifting heavy items.

-          Get help if you need to load heavy items into the trunk of a car or into a truck.

If you’ve never experienced the adrenaline rush from finding the unexpected treasure that can be found at yard sales, consider giving it a try!  Use the tips above to stay safe, and Reduce, Reuse, and Re-energize this summer by going to a yard sale!

If you have any questions that MBSH Sports, Fitness and Rehab Center can help answer, please call the staff at 573-468-1340.


Pictured is Nancy Monzyk, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital, Physical Therapist Assistant