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Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Foundation Giving Tree

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Foundation Giving Tree

Trees are places of relief and recuperation, drawing strength from their surrounding environment.  Similarly, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital is a place of relief and recuperation, and we draw our strength from the surrounding communities.  That’s why we created our Giving Tree – to symbolize this mutually nurturing relationship.

Our Giving Tree is a highlight of the hospital’s Emergency Department lobby.  The eye-catching, beautiful tree centerpiece is framed by numerous brass and copper leaves on its wood branches, with stone plaques at the base of the trunk.  Each leaf and stone is engraved with “in honor of” or “in memory of” a donor’s loved one.

The Brass Leaves are available for $25.00, the Copper Leaves are $50.00 and the Stone Plaques are $100.00.  You can contact Stacey Dace at 573-860-7951 with orders or questions.

Click on “Giving Tree” for additional information.