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Tin Man Award presented to Jim Hanny, Speech Therapist

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tin Man Award presented to Jim Hanny, Speech Therapist

Representatives from Developmental Services of Franklin County (DSFC), Sullivan House Group Home and Pam Lewis came to Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital’s Sports Fitness and Rehabilitation Center to present Jim Hanny, speech therapist with their “Tin Man Award.”  The Tin Man Award, is a special recognition DSFC gives annually to an individual who has exhibited outstanding heart-felt compassion to benefit one of their clients.  It is an award that is generally given to an individual within their own organization, but this year Jim Hanny, speech therapist at the MBSH Sullivan Sports Fitness and Rehabilitation Center was nominated to receive the award because of his exceptional efforts on behalf of his patients.  

Jim  Hanny was selected because of his tireless efforts to assist Pamela Lewis this past year.  Pam is a resident of the Sullivan House Group Home who was searching for something to help her better communicate with the staff and family.  Also, something that would help her benefit more in her day program activities.  In March of 2013 when Pam was evaluated by Jim, he determined she would greatly benefit by the use of a Dynavox communication device.  Jim contacted Dynavox, set up an appointment and wrote the diagnosis for Pam to get the device.  Within a few months, with Jim’s assistance and training, Pam was efficiently communicating her thoughts and ideas to those around her.   “She becomes better and better every day at using the machine and we don’t know how to thank Mr. Hanny for all his time, patience and love,” remarked Ron Kruse, DSFC Executive Director.

Following the news article about great success Pam has had with the Dynavox machine, she has become a bit of a celebrity around town.  “It’s hard to take her somewhere in the community without someone recognizing her and she loves it!” commented Judy Payne, Sullivan House Group Home Manager. “It’s given her an even stronger connection to the community she lives in.”


The group pictured for the special award presentation L-R: Ron Kruse, DSFC Executive Director, Jane Shepard, Sullivan House Group Home staff, Jim Hanny, MBSH Speech Therapist, Pam Lewis, Sullivan House Group Home Resident, Penny Erb, Sullivan House Group Home Assistant Manager, Grace Garlock, DSFC Support Services Director and Judy Payne Sullivan House Group Home Manager.