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Climbing the Mountain

Monday, January 27, 2014

Climbing the Mountain

Back in 2007 me and several guys that I ride motorcycles with set out on a bike trip to Sturgis Bike Rally.  Yes.....I've been to Sturgis! After a few days there our group left for Yellowstone National Park.  From Yellowstone, we proceeded north to the "Road-to-the-Sun." Never been there....never even heard of it! This was my first road trip on a motorcycle ever, much less being on "switch-back" roads on the side of a mountain! 

Fear…yes.  Apprehension…definitely. Uncertain of what lie ahead…you better believe it. 

So we left Yellowstone on began this leg of the journey. Mountain on one side and sheer drop off on the other. The interesting thing I remember is that all you could see was mountain and valley. Sometimes the light of the sun was completely obscured…until…until…we reached the top! WOW!! What a fantastic view! You could see for miles and miles. It made all the effort to get there worthwhile.

The journey that you and I are on, just trying to live life is like the road trip my riding buddies and I took up the "road-to-the-sun." A lot of switch-backs along the way. There may even be some mechanical problems along the way.  Sometimes the road up the mountain seems really long. And you may even want to give up and get to a road that is much easier to travel. But if you do...you will never be able to experience with others along on the journey, the exhilaration of seeing what the journey was really all about! Keep going, keep climbing. Yes, it’s hard and steep at times, but the view at the top is well worth the effort!


"Between the dream's inspiration and its manifestation, there is a lot of perspiration!" — John Maxwell
Below are some pictures from the "Road-to-the-Sun"  ENJOY THE VIEW!!!