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Transitional Care Program at Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital is pleased to announce the rollout of our revamped transitional care program.  Our staff have been working hard and increasing their education to better assist the patient in need of skilled care.  Transitional care is a term used to describe the patient that no longer requires acute care but perhaps needs rehabilitation services prior to returning to their previous residence.  Services that we specialize in are:  pulmonary/ventilator management and weaning, wound care, medically complex skilled care, neurologic conditions, infectious disease, and cardio pulmonary rehab.  Transitional care is any skilled care that assists a patient in recovery and helps them to regain their independence.  Benefits to rehabilitation in our transitional care program are as follows: access to physicians, excellent nurse to patient ratio, onsite support service such as lab and radiology, and various other conveniences such as free Wi-Fi, spacious rooms, a cafeteria, and a gift shop.


Infectious Disease Specialist available at Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital

Dr. Rodrigo Lopez, MD is now offering specialty services as an Infectious Disease Specialist in the Medical Building at MBSH.  As an ID specialist, Dr. Lopez is trained to handle infections that are difficult to diagnose, infections accompanied by high fevers, patients who are not responding to customary treatments, individuals who may be going to countries or places where infection risks are high or patients suffering from diseases like HIV/AIDS.   His specialized training and available diagnostic tools enable him to determine the cause of infection and the best plan of treatment.


Safe Patient Handling and Movement Fair at Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital

On April 1-3, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital (MBSH) held their annual safe patient handling and movement fair.  The fair included training for all employees involved in the handling and movement of patients.  A team of front line staff trained and promoted the use of safe patient handling and movement equipment to all patient care staff.  This is part of an ongoing safety program to help staff avoid injuries resulting from unsafe patient handling and movement.


MBSH Community Notes

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Upcoming Events

National Volunteer Week

Volunteers throughout the United States will be recognized April 12-18, 2015.  There are many special people in our community who selflessly give of their time and talents to make a difference for others by volunteering in various organizations, at special events and projects.  Each year, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital identifies one of their Auxiliary volunteers who actively demonstrate a caring spirit at their facility. This year, Shirley Wilcox was chosen to include among these many distinguished volunteers. 


MBSH Emergency Response Personnel Recognized

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Emergency Medical Services employees were recently recognized at the Sullivan Emergency Services Awards Banquet.  Employees and Volunteers from the Sullivan Police Department, Sullivan Fire Protection District and MBSH EMS Department gathered at St. Anthony’s Hall on March 28, 2015 to be recognized for their service in the community.  From the Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital, Tim Leasor was presented with the Paramedic of the Year award and Mike Whitehead was presented with the EMT of the Year award.  “We appreciate all the hard work and dedication of our EMS employees and congratulate them for the recognition they received,” remarked Nick Miller, MBSH EMS Manager.


Clark's Pharmacy Donates to MBSH CAMP Program

Clark’s RX Sullivan donates $565.00 to Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital C.A.M.P. – Community Assisting Medical Patients.  “We appreciate businesses like Clark’s RX Sullivan helping support our mission…to improve the health of the communities we serve,” stated Lisa Lochner, Assistant Administrator.

The Truth About Swelling, Part II: Wounds and Lymphedema

Lymphedema (chronic swelling) is the protein-rich fluid that becomes congested within our body.  The lymphatic system vessels lay directly below the skin throughout our entire body; these vessels drain towards the lymph nodes.  The lymph nodes are located in our neck, armpits, stomach, and groin.   The lymphatic system transports lymph which is comprised of excess protein, blood cells, water, and bacteria.  This lymph is then transported back toward our heart, specifically to the thoracic duct, and returned to our blood circulation; later this fluid becomes part of our urine.  In a normal, healthy adult, we transport approximately 2-3 liters of lymphatic fluid out of the body on a daily basis.  When our body is unable to transport this fluid, we then have a buildup of excess fluid in an extremity or extremities within our body; this is lymphedema.  In addition to heaviness, volume increase, and decreased cosmetic appeal of the extremity, the extremity is now at a higher risk for a wound developing.


Jennifer Eaton receives Caring Spirit Award

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital names Jennifer Eaton, the Caring Spirit Award recipient for February 2015.  She was chosen from many individuals who were nominated for this honor.


Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Using 3D Technology for Screening Mammography

Beginning March 1, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital (MBSH) began offering digital breast screening mammography with tomosynthesis – or 3D mammography – for all screening mammograms performed in the hospital’s radiology department. The hospital is one of only a few in Missouri to offer this 3D mammography. Mammography is one of the best tools in the fight against breast cancer. With the addition of 3D technology, the screening mammogram has now become that much more effective.


Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Announces Transition on the Board

After playing a major role in the establishment of the hospital in Sullivan and serving on the board for over 52 years, Mr. Joe Owens is stepping aside for his daughter Jayne Mastin, to take over his place on the Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Board.  Joe will continue to serve as a member of the Patient Care Committee of the board.  “With Mr. Owens’ business ventures in the community and his dedication to establish and grow the Sullivan Hospital, he has been an extremely valuable member on the board of directors.  We are very pleased that Mrs. Mastin will be assuming his role on the board,” commented Tony Schwarm, MBSH President.


Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital offers a Transitional Care Program

 In support of an overall plan to meet the needs of the community today and in the future, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital is pleased to announce the establishment of an enhanced Transitional Care program.   “Transitional Care is a high quality, evidence-based program for patients who are well enough to leave a traditional hospital setting but still have nursing, therapy, or respiratory needs that may not be optimally met in their homes or skilled nursing facilities.  Some examples of these needs would include frequent intravenous medications, tracheostomy tube care, wound care, or intensive physical, occupational, or speech therapy,” said Jessica Stroup, RN, Assistant Nurse Manager of Transitional Care at MBSH. 

Clinical Quality Measures at Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital

Hospitals across the country are always looking for ways to improve care and outcomes for their patients, and Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital is no exception. We are continually reviewing our performance on Clinical Quality Measures and their impact on patient care and outcomes. Clinical Quality Measures are used for assessing the treatment, processes, and health outcomes of patients with a specific disease or illness.

Missouri Baptist Foundation 5th Annual Cruise Fund-raiser a Tremendous Success

With the overwhelming support of our local community on an extremely snowy night, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital’s Foundation Cruise Dinner was once again an incredible success!  Nearly 200 guests glided into the Sullivan Eagles Hall to enjoy the event.

SHS Art Class paints Backdrop for Hospital Cruise Dinner

Ms. Valerie Crawford’s Sullivan High School Art Class painted a beautiful photo backdrop for the Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Foundation’s Cruise Dinner fundraiser.  It is a breathtaking Alaskan snowcapped mountain scene.  MBSH Foundation thanks the art class for sharing their talent at the annual fundraiser event.


Top 10 Reasons to Exercise Today

With New Year’s resolutions fading and winter still hanging around, the motivation for exercising regularly easily goes by the wayside.  It’s easy to blame the cold, a long day at work or even say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” This is the perfect time to find other reasons to exercise and stay healthy year round.


Stacey Dace receives Caring Spirit Award

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital names Stacey Dace, the Caring Spirit Award recipient for January 2015.  She was chosen from many individuals who were nominated for this honor.


MBSH Cardiac Rehab promotes “Go Red for Women”

This year, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Cardiac Rehab Department is promoting heart health throughout the month of February with various campaigns and educational displays.  On February 6, which was the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” day promoting an educational movement about women and cardiovascular disease, the rehab staff offered blood pressure screenings and had an educational table set up near the cafeteria.  Employees and visitors of the hospital were given the opportunity to have their blood pressure taken provided with information about heart health and shown the effects of food choices on their heart and circulatory system.  During the noon promotion, 57 individuals were given blood pressure tests and registered in a drawing to win a massage.

Secretary’s Aches and Pains

My name is Linda.  I work as a secretary/tech for Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital at Missouri Baptist Therapy & Wellness in Cuba, MO.  Most of the day I am sitting behind a desk, looking at a computer and answering the phone.  This means I do not get enough exercise.  Sometimes hours will go by and I have not moved from my chair.  I have started experiencing some back stiffness from sitting and sometimes my wrists feel tired and aching from using the keyboard.


Look Good Feel Better Program at MBSH

Look Good Feel Better is a free workshop that teaches women in active cancer treatment simple beauty techniques for skin care, makeup application and coping with hair loss.  Participants receive a complimentary bag of makeup valued at $200.00 from leading cosmetic companies to use in the session and at home.  Trained beauty professionals help with dealing with the physical side effects that often happen during treatment.