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A Blog for Hope

“Hope,” the word seems to just roll off our tongues so easily. “I hope the Cardinals win.” I hope it doesn’t rain today.” I hope we get there on time.” But, what happens when it comes to personal issues? What then? A lost job, a diagnosis you were not expecting to hear. Where is hope then?

Hope is defined as a “confident desire: a feeling that something desirable is likely to happen.” There are scores of people needing to recapture a sense of hope in their lives and perhaps you are one of those people.

The following articles are written with you in mind. Each week a different article will be posted that is meant to give you and others like you, New Hope. A hope that, no matter the circumstances, no matter the struggle you face, there is hope. If, after reading the article, you need to talk to someone, please feel free to contact New Hope Behavioral Health at 573-860-1601(02).

16 Jun 2014

Author: James
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