64-Slice CAT Scanner

Our next-generation 64-slice CAT scanner captures high-resolution images of the smallest intracranial, pulmonary, mesenteric and peripheral vessels in fewer than 10 seconds. That’s 50 percent faster than our previous scanner.

The 64-slice CAT scanner is a major upgrade from the department’s former 4-slice scanner, delivering images of .625 mm in thickness compared to the former scanner’s one millimeter slices. The new images are more defined, clearer, and can be more accurately interpreted by our specialists.

Plus, patients no longer have to hold their breath for an extended period of time during the exam – only 11 seconds. With our old scanner, patients had to hold their breath for 34 seconds, which was particularly challenging since most of our patients can’t hold their breath for that long. 

We use the scanner to help diagnose cancer, assess stroke patients, evaluate the brain, and for pre-surgical planning. We also conduct CT angiography exams, which allow us to evaluate the renal, carotid, peripheral, intra cranial and coronary arteries of heart patients.

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