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Giving Back


Hospital Auxiliary

The Sullivan Hospital Auxiliary, or more commonly known as the “Pink Ladies” organized three days after the hospital opened. A meeting took place March 29, 1962 to solicit the help of community members to volunteer service at the new hospital. By the end of March, there were 96 members that paid their $2.00 annual dues. The first elected president was Vesta Schuler. Their purpose was to make the patient’s stay in the hospital as pleasant as possible.

Since 1962 the Auxiliary has purchased over $263,164.00 in hospital equipment. They contributed to the purchase of an ambulance in 1972 and a maintenance truck in 1998 as well as purchasing a treadmill for Rehab, numerous wheel chairs and other medical equipment. Over just the last 24-years, the Auxiliary has given over $26,456.00 toward patient and staff gifts. They have supplied patient handbooks, “The First Baby of the Year” gifts as well as other baby gifts, Doctor and nurse Day gifts, fruit baskets for patients at Christmas, poinsettias for the hospital departments and gifts for the Children’s Easter Egg Hunt. The Auxiliary has helped numerous students pursuing medical careers through scholar-ships. To date, they have awarded over $167,956.00 in scholarships. The first nursing scholarship was awarded to Carmen Arechederra of Bourbon on September 11, 1963. Current assistance in the Community has been through financial support to Relay for Life and Meramec Community Mission Food and Toy Drives. Just since 1999, the Auxiliary’s contributions to these programs have exceeded $12,751.00.

Auxiliary Presidents
1962 Vesta Schuler 1979 Fay Winn 1996 Pat Blanton
1963 Frances Crow 1980 Lucille Gerardi 1997 Pat Blanton
1964 Minnie Rubenstein 1981 Agnes Melloh 1998 Dean Beyreis
1965 Nola Turnipseed 1982 Agnes Melloh 1999 Dean Beyreis
1966 Myrl Bledsoe 1983 Connie Pulliam 2000 Mae Grant
1967 Madeline Alexander 1984 Connie Pulliam 2001 Mae Grant
1968 Babe Stratman 1985 Lynn McGruder 2002 Mae Grant
1969 Ruth Schatz 1986 Ruby Squires 2003 Mary Calwell
1970 Jean McFarland 1987 Ruby Squires 2004 Mary C.—Dean B.
1971 M. F. Walka 1988 Fae Winn 2005 Dean Beyreis
1972 Doll Jones 1989 Fae Winn 2006 Dean Beyreis
1973 Doll Jones 1990 Sylva Crawford 2007 Carole Helton
1974 Kathryn Ferris 1991 Sylva Crawford 2008 Carole Helton
1975 Ruby Summy 1992 Sylva Crawford 2009 Dean Beyreis
1976 Helen Owens 1993 Eva Aubuchon 2010 Dean Beyreis
1977 Hazel Clearmont 1994 Eva Aubuchon 2011 Dean Beyreis
1978 Dorothy Gleason 1995 Pat Blanton 2012 Carole Helton