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Laboratory Services

The Laboratory Department at Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital is accredited by the College of American Pathologists. This accreditation acknowledges a confidence in the reliability of our laboratory to give accurate and reliable results. We have trained, caring laboratory professionals to provide excellent service to our community.

Our Laboratory department is consistently bringing in new tests to be performed as needed by our local physicians. There is a direct communication between our laboratory and the Missouri Baptist Medical Center Laboratory in St. Louis. We share the same pathologists and use their knowledge and skills in the decision making process of our laboratory. The majority of testing not performed by our laboratory is sent to Mayo Medical Reference Laboratories. This laboratory is a part of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

The Hospital Laboratory is open and available to patients 24 hours a day/7 days a week; however, registration for any hospital laboratory service is required. For a shorter wait time, the best hours to visit are Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Patients can be registered in the registration area Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After-hour registrations are available in the registration area by the Emergency Department entrance.

Hospital Laboratory Service:

After registering, go to the Hospital Laboratory waiting room and check in at the window. Lab personnel will call you back for sample collection.

Medical Office Building Laboratory Service (Same Day as Provider visit):

You should be handed a red card by the provider's area. Sign in at the Medical Office Building Front Desk for Lab Services and Lab Personnel will call you back for sample collection.

Established Patients Requiring Quest for Laboratory Service:

Go to the Medical Office Building Front Desk and let them know you have an order from your provider for lab work and it needs to be sent to Quest. You will then sign in for Lab Services and Lab Personnel will call you back for sample collection. Please Note: Thursdays tend to be not as busy and have a shorter wait time.

Stool/Urine Collection Supplies:

Supplies may be obtained from the Hospital Laboratory (registration is not required for obtaining supplies). Go to the Hospital Laboratory waiting room or sign in at the Medical Office Building Front Desk for Lab Services. Lab Personnel will call you back to give you supplies and instructions for sample collections.

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Laboratory phone: 573-468-1123 fax: 573-468-5914

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you take appointments for lab draws? We do not take appointments for lab draws. Patients are seen in the order in which they arrive.

What will my insurance cover? BJC is covered as in-network with many health insurance plans. Please contact your insurance provider before coming to have your test performed to make sure you are covered. After the test, we will submit claims to your insurance company.

How do I obtain my lab results?

  1. Contact the provider who requested the laboratory testing;
  2. Contact Medical Records to obtain a copy of your lab results at 573-468-1358; or
  3. Sign up for MyChart at the time of your provider visit and you will be able to log into the site to review your results online.

I have questions regarding my laboratory bill. Who can I contact with questions? For questions regarding your laboratory bill, please call the number listed on the bill or Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Financial Counselor at 573-468-1138. For pathology billing questions, please contact Parkway Pathology at 855-696-9618.

How should I prepare for my visit? Before visiting the lab for a blood draw, be sure to discuss your lab testing and address any questions/concerns with your provider. Certain tests require special preparation such as fasting (see last questions below) to ensure the most accurate results.

How long does it take to get lab test results? Most laboratory testing is complete within 24 hours of collection. Your provider will receive the results once complete. For more information regarding test turnaround time, please call the laboratory at 573-438-1123.

Are there any dietary restrictions I should be aware of before my blood is collected? What is fasting? To ensure the most accurate results, certain blood tests require you to abstain from food or drink except for water, which is called a "fast," for eight to 12 hours before your blood collection. However, you should be informed in advance by your provider of any food/medication restriction prior to your blood draw.

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