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64-Slice CAT Scanner

MBH-S 64 Slice CTMissouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital now has a 64-slice CAT scanner. This next-generation scanner captures high resolution images of the smallest intracranial, pulmonary, mesenteric and peripheral vessels in less than 10 seconds. It also will reduce scan time by 50 percent.

"With a population that's physically larger today, it was difficult to scan some patients," says Travis Little, radiology manager. "The 64-slice scanner can deliver images that are more defined, clearer and can be more accurately interpreted."

Scan time is not all that will be reduced. The amount of contrast required to conduct some studies is also reduced by 50 percent. Part of the reduced scan time is due to a liquid-cooled X-ray tube. "On exams, patients will only have to hold their breath for 11 seconds," says Little.

"We can start doing CT angiography exams, which allow us to evaluate the renal, carotid, peripheral, intra cranial and coronary arteries. That's the big plus. These are studies that we have not been able to perform in the past."

"We wanted the same technology as Missouri Baptist Medical Center because we share some of the same doctors. We're the only hospital within our competitive market that currently has this equipment. With current gas prices, it will be a relief to patients in our community not to drive 50 or 60 miles one way to get this type of CT scan."