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Saturday Massages at SSFRH

Sullivan Sports, Fitness, & Rehab will be offering massages on the 1st Saturday of every month starting December 6th from 8-12:00!  Call us for a Saturday appointment or regular weekday appointments at 573-468-1340. 

Your Body is Talking. Are you Listening?

Are you someone who frequently experiences pain, soreness or discomfort in one or more parts of your body, such as a sore back, stiff neck, achy shoulder or sore knee?  If so, have you ever stopped and thought about it?  What does it mean?  Why is it happening?  Acknowledging the pain is the first and easiest part.  Figuring out the cause and what to do about it is a whole other kind of “pain”.


Julia Henson receives Caring Spirit Award

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital names Julia Henson, the Caring Spirit Award recipient for October 2014.  She was chosen from many individuals who were nominated for this honor.


Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Foundation purchases new medical equipment

Several pieces of vital medical equipment have recently been purchased by the MBSH Hospital Foundation.  Capital budget allotments for new equipment never stretch far enough, so the availability help from the Hospital Foundation gives the departments a much needed boost. 


MBSH Employees contribute toward the Liberty Disability Swing

Through designated Dress-Down days in October, Employees of Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital contributed their dollars toward the purchase of a Liberty Disability Swing for the Sullivan Campbell-Chapman Park.  In total, $125.00 was collected to contribute to the swing fund.  The Liberty Swing provides both children and adults in wheelchairs a sense of freedom and joy to swing through the air.  They just back their wheelchair into the carriage, secure it to the swing and glide through the air.


Bourbon Medical Office welcomes back Robyn Hedges

Despite the extreme cold weather outside, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital’s Bourbon Medical Office celebrated Robyn Hedges’ return with an open house on Tuesday, November 18.  Chili, Hot Dogs, Hot Chocolate and Cookies were served to the many guests who stopped in.   Several visitors expressed how happy they were to know that Robyn was once again providing medical care at the Bourbon Office.   After having a bite to eat, the guests were given an opportunity to tour the clinic and visit with Robyn.   Everyone left with their appetite satisfied and a goodie bag containing information and healthcare items.  You are welcome to call the Bourbon Medical Office at 573-732-5140 to schedule an appointment to seem Robyn.  She will be offering office hours Tuesday – Friday.

myBJC Online Patient Medical Test Results Access

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital is Making Medicine Better with Online Access for Patients.  MBSH offers sign up for access to the myBJC secure web site that allows you to access your own BJC laboratory and imaging test results online. Many patients request their laboratory or imaging results from the facility.  Having this information available to you online could eliminate an extra trip to the facility and any additional costs for copies.  myBJC is also a resource as it includes links to trusted patient education and information sites.  These sites are available to help you better understand your test results and learn how you can help improve your health.  Many health care providers also allow you to send secure e-mail messages through myBJC so that you can request an appointment or ask questions.  Through myBJC, patients can sign in to any computer or smart phone and have access to their own test results online.  Patients can register for access to myBJC by setting up a unique user name and password.  Those who sign up can access only their own medical information online.  Patients can sign up at Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital, or at most BJC facilities. If you have questions about where you can sign up, you can contact the myBJC patient support center at 888-747-1950 for information.  You can also find the contact information on www.mybjc.org.

MBSH Veterans Honored on Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital recognized employees with military service with a short program and catered breakfast.   The National Anthem was played and a short video presentation prepared by the BJC Health System was shown during the celebration.  Each attending veteran had the opportunity to share something about their military experience with the group.


Kids-on-Track Finale

BJC Medical Group’s fall program: “Kids-on-Track” which was designed to promote better lifestyle activities for children 14 and under, held their Finale at the recent Community Wellness Event outside at the Sullivan High School track. 


Marketplace Insurance Enrollment has begun

If you lawfully reside in the United States, you are eligible to purchase a Marketplace insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act.  If you don’t have access to other insurance, and are within certain income levels, you are also eligible for help in paying for a Marketplace plan.  In addition, if you purchased a plan through the Marketplace the prior year, you should re-consider your options for this year;  plan offerings and available financial support varies each year.


2014 Wellness Event Winners Drawn

The winners drawn from the individuals who participated at the 2014 Health Fair sponsored by Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital and the Sullivan School System have been named.  Debbie Carter of Sullivan was selected for the one-year membership to the Sullivan Sports, Fitness and Rehabilitation Center and Lester Isgriggs of Bourbon was selected for the one-hour massage. 


Set a goal!

After delivering twins in 2013, I was struggling to lose the extra weight that I had gained during my pregnancy.  While I was pregnant I found that I was less active and I was always hungry.  Burritos for breakfast sounded great and my husband’s country fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy were a pregnant girl’s dream!  The pounds just seemed to appear overnight.  After my twins were born, it was extremely difficult to find time to exercise.  I was exhausted, swollen and had a hard time even walking because I didn’t fit into my shoes.  But I knew I had to do something.  Carrying around 60 extra pounds wasn’t healthy and made it difficult to enjoy my two new bundles of love.  The only thing I had time to do was pack up the twins in the double stroller and head for the city lake walking track.


Jerrod Schlueter named MBSH Maintenance Manager

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital selected Jerrod Schlueter to be the new Maintenance Manager following the recent retirement of Dennis Crouch.   Jerrod’s experience in maintenance and construction has spanned over 15 years.


Dennis Crouch retires from Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital

Dennis Crouch served as Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital’s Maintenance and Security Manager over the past seven years.  After a long and fulfilling career in maintenance and management, he chose to begin his retirement the first of November.

The Truth about Swelling

Swelling is a term used to describe a part of the body that increases with size &/or volume.   Despite this common, umbrella term “swelling”, there are various types.   Also there are numerous reasons why our body swells.  The two basic types of swelling are edema & lymphedema.  Edema is the water-base fluid that can build up in any part of the body. Usually edema results in shiny, tight skin texture which pits when the skin is squeezed.   Lymphedema is a protein-rich fluid that can also build up in any part of the body.  Usually lymphedema results in firm, dense skin texture that is non-pitting when the skin is squeezed.  Both of these types of fluids are centered around the lymphatic system. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Advice

  • You should do monthly self-breast exams.  If you have a monthly cycle it should be done the week after your menses.  If you do not have a regular menstrual cycle or you are post-menopausal, you should pick the same day every month to perform the exam.  Shower time is easiest when your hands are soapy.

  • Look for: skin changes in your breasts (dimpling, orange like appearance, discoloration, pulled in area; lumps or bumps that are hard like a rock not rubbery like a bouncy ball) that is in one breast and not in the other; a lump that is hard and doesn’t move back and forth between your fingers; suddenly your nipple goes inward and it wasn’t previously this way; or you have sudden nipple discharge (fluid).

  • When you do your monthly breast exam, make sure and check the area above the breast, up close to the shoulder bone, as well as the armpit for lumps.

  • The upper outer quadrant of the breast is the most likely place for breast cancer to start.

  • Mammograms can pick up very small lumps, whereas, we as humans can only feel about pea size lumps or larger.  That reason alone is why mammograms are so important for women over the age of 40.  For the younger patients, with a first degree relative (mother, sister) with breast cancer, we start mammograms at 40 or five years prior to on

Health care preparedness for Ebola

As Ebola continues to dominate news around the world, patients, the general public and even health care workers are becoming understandably concerned about hospital preparedness and the ability to keep patients and employees safe in the event that Ebola appears in our local community.

MBSH Mammography Department Earns ACR Accreditation

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Medical Imaging Department has been awarded a three-year term of accreditation in mammography as the result of a recent review by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Mammography is a specific type of imaging test that uses a low-dose x-ray system to examine breasts. A mammography exam, called a mammogram, is used to aid in the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women.

Steven H. Lipstein, BJC HealthCare President & Chief Executive Officer, elected to Institute Of Medicine

BJC HealthCare President & CEO Steven Lipstein is among those who have been elected to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 2014. Election to the IOM is considered among the highest honors in the fields of health and medicine and recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievement and commitment to service. The IOM elected 70 members from health care organizations across the country and 10 foreign associates.

Jeremy Delmont receives Caring Spirit Award

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital names Jeremy Delmont, the Caring Spirit Award recipient for September 2014.  He was chosen from many individuals who were nominated for this honor.