Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I take a tour of the Birth Center? 

To arrange for a tour of the unit, please call 573-468-1961 and check availability of the rooms for a tour. You can also take a virtual tour of our Birth Center.

Q. Do you offer Childbirth Education Classes?

We offer Childbirth Classes on a regular basis.  Just call 573-468-1961 or check the "Classes & Events" link at the bottom of the page for an upcoming offering. 

Q. What should I do if I go into labor?

Going into labor can be scary, especially if this is your first baby. First, try to remain calm; you want to time each of your contractions so you can know how often you’re having them. Then, contact your physician to let him/her know what’s going on. Your physician may need to get some additional information. 

Q. What if I want an epidural, natural childbirth, or C-section?

We advise you discuss your birth plan with your physician, particularly your delivery preference. The nurses are happy to ensure that you have the type of birthing experience you desire. We have anesthesia available to manage your request for an epidural. If you desire to have a natural childbirth, the nurses are here to support you in your decision and provide alternative forms of pain relief, such as the use of the shower and the birthing ball.

Q. How do you treat high-risk moms? 

We have well trained professional staff to care for high risk moms.  The route and time of delivery is something to discuss with your physician since no two deliveries are the same.

Q. How long do I stay in the hospital?

The average stay varies from 2-4 days depending on the type of delivery you have and any complications. We encourage our moms to take advantage of the length of stay as it gives you time to rest and benefit from any and all educational teaching we provide.

Q. Do you offer a professional baby photographer?

Yes, we have a photographer that comes on scheduled days. With the consent of the parents, the photographer will be happy to take photos of your newborn. Photos are available for purchase.  Click here to link to the photographer's Website.

Find a doctor or make an appointment: 800.392.0936
General Information: 573.468.4186