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Having a Baby With Us

A birth plan is a simple, clear document stating your preferences for the birth of your child. Having a written plan helps everyone involved in the birth understand what is important to you, from the type of birth you want to who is with you in the delivery room.

Because the birth process is unpredictable, we encourage you to be flexible about your birth plan. Remember: the primary job of your doctor and labor nurses is to safeguard your health and the health of your new baby – and sometimes, labor and delivery preferences may need to be sacrificed for health reasons.

To make planning for your happy event easier we offer a birth plan worksheet that provides a list of labor, delivery, and postpartum options. This list will help you think about some of your labor and delivery preferences, so you can share them with your doctor and your labor nurses.

Preregister for Delivery

Please take a few minutes during your pregnancy to complete our preregistration form so that we may expedite your registration upon arrival at the Mother Baby Unit. If you have questions in regards to this form, please call us at 573-468-1961.

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