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Having a Baby With Us

Private Birth Suites and Modern Amenities

At Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital, our Mother Baby Unit offers expectant moms a warm, comforting environment to further enhance your experience, promote a sense of calm, and give you peace of mind.

Our private, spacious birth suites cater to moms throughout the entire childbirth process. They provide a convenient, single destination allowing you to remain in the same room from admission through labor and delivery to recovery and postpartum, until discharge from the hospital.

Each birth suite features numerous modern amenities with the latest technology, adjustable lighting, controllable thermostats, sleeper sofas and rocking chairs, private bathrooms and showers, hair dryers, flat screen TVs, Wi-Fi access and DVD players.

Additional Mother Baby Unit amenities and resources include:

  • Birth Ball – An alternative to walking around or resting in bed, the birth ball helps relieve common discomfort during labor.
  • Peanut Ball – A support for women laboring with epidurals. Shaped like a peanut, the peanut ball fits snugly between the legs giving the pelvis optimal positioning by keeping the legs open.
  • Birth Stool – A birth stool can help speed up the time of delivery and increases comfort for expecting mothers during the first stage of labor. It can also help mothers who wish to give birth in an upright position versus lying down.
  • Squat Bar Using a childbirth squat bar helps open the pelvis while using gravity to encourage the baby to descend. This can also shorten the pushing phase of labor by helping the baby drop as far as possible without conscious effort.
  • Wireless Fetal Monitoring – The wireless feature means you’re free to move around, walk in the hallway, go to the restroom, etc. without the monitor being interrupted.
  • Doula-Friendly Environment – We gladly welcome doulas who’ve been selected by our patients to assist them with their labor.
  • In-Room Dining Service – We offer an extensive menu with various options, including special dietary and vegetarian requests. Everything is fresh, made-to-order, and delivered to your room.
  • Family Celebration DinnerYou and your partner are provided with a candle-lit, gourmet dinner one evening following your delivery at the hospital. It's our little way of celebrating your growing family.
  • Snack Stations – Our convenient snack stations provide popsicles, beverages and other snacks for mothers.

Access to Advanced Neonatal Care

Our providers in the Mother Baby Unit have referral access to the large network of BJC Medical Group specialists, who can provide more advanced neonatal care as needed. Transportation services are also available to safely transfer our newborn patients to St. Louis Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, if necessary.

At our Mother Baby Unit, we promise to make your childbirth as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. If there’s anything we can do to better accommodate your needs during your stay, just let us know. We’re here for you.

Create a Birth Plan

To make planning for the big day easier we offer a birth plan worksheet that provides a list of labor, delivery, and postpartum options. This list will help you think about some of your labor and delivery preferences, so you can share them with your doctor and your labor nurses. Create your birth plan>>

What to Bring to the Hospital

We suggest packing a hospital bag in the third trimester just

Use our helpful hospital packing list so you don’t forget the essentials>>

What to Expect When You’re Ready to Give Birth

Learn what to expect>>

Preregister for Delivery

Please take a few minutes during your pregnancy to complete our preregistration form so that we may expedite your registration upon arrival at the Mother Baby Unit. If you have questions in regards to this form, please call us at 573-468-1961.

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