Having a Baby With Us

At Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital’s Birth Center, we believe your birthing experience should be personal, tailored specifically to your wishes and needs. That’s why we strive to fulfill special requests and offer various features to assist you throughout your labor and delivery. For your delivery, we offer the following birth options: 

Natural Childbirth

If you’re hoping for a natural (medication-free) childbirth experience, we offer many options to support your goals, including:

  • Comfortable labor and delivery rooms with individual thermostats, ceiling fans and adjustable lighting.
  • Private bathrooms with showers.
  • The ability to move around freely as needed, including walking the halls, changing positions, rocking on a birthing ball or using a squat bar. 
  • Expert coaching from our experienced labor and delivery nurses, who are here to support you through the birth process.
  • The choice of who attends your birth.  Our nursing staff will ensure non-invited family or friends wait in the lobby. 

Pain Management and Epidural

If you’re planning on natural childbirth, you may rely on Lamaze and breathing techniques to suppress the pain. Our expert nursing staff will be on-hand to assist and help coach you and your partner.

If you would prefer a medicated delivery we are here to assist you with your preference.  You have the option for IV sedation or to receive an Epidural by one of our highly trained anesthesia providers.


If you are scheduled for a Cesarean delivery (C-section), you will first be admitted to a birth suite to prepare you for surgery. Your labor and delivery nurse will examine and assess you and your baby.

Also, your doctor will visit you to discuss your anesthesia options. C-sections are usually done with an epidural or spinal allowing you to remain alert and participate in the birth of your child.  If you’re having an epidural, you will be moved to the operating suite about 30 minutes before your delivery time. Even if you have a C-section, we will make every attempt to promote bonding between you and your infant.

To reduce the chances of infection, only your partner or coach will be allowed in the C-section room.  They may take photos once the baby is born.

TeleMedicine Available

We have TeleMedicine available through St. Louis Children's Hospital for possible complications with mom or baby.

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