30 January 2019

MBSH Employee Recognition Celebration

MBSH Employee Recognition Celebration

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital celebrated the 2018 Employee Recognition Banquet at the Eagles Hall in Sullivan on Saturday evening, January 26, 2019.  The theme for this year’s event was “Denim & Diamonds.”  Employees and guests were greeted by Tony Schwarm and his wife Mary as they arrived at the celebration.  The tables were attractively covered with navy and white covers with contrasting glittery navy and white runners and flickering votive candles.  While the employees and guests gathered, they were treated to a delicious variety of Hors d’oeuvres.

Tony Schwarm, MBSH president, welcomed the many guests to the celebration and expressed his gratitude for the dedicated service each employee gives to make an excellent patient care experience for patients, family and visitors.  The Barn and Grill from Bourbon catered the delicious appetizers, dinner and desserts.  Following the meal a video prepared by Kathy Reed, H/R Manager was presented which showed photos of the honored employees and listings of the annual award nominations.

The next item on the program was the award presentations by hospital leadership.  Lisa Lochner, VP of Operations was out of town that evening and made a video for her presentations.  She announced the 2018 Employee Choice Award and the 2018 Provider Choice Award.

There were 33 employees nominated by patients for the Employee Choice Award.  This year Cheryl Pierce, Massage Therapist from the Therapy & Wellness Center was chosen as the winner.  Patients shared that Cheryl is very caring, provides excellent care and is very talented.  She goes out of her way to make her clients feel comfortable and has a wonderful technique.  Congratulations Cheryl!

The 2018 Provider Choice Award had four nominations.  MBSH Providers are recognized by numerous positive comments from their patients.  Dr. Ravi Saripalli was selected for the award due to the many great comments he was given.  Some of the remarks Lisa shared about Dr. Saripalli was that he is very kind, always smiling and the patient wouldn’t go to see anyone else.  He is known to be a team player and very knowledgeable.  Dr. Saripalli was unable to be at the banquet, but was presented his framed certificate later at the hospital.  Congratulations Dr. Saripalli!

The presentations then continued with the years of service awards.  Employees who completed 5 to 40 years of service were presented.  The last employee announced was Tony Schwarm, president, who was recognized for 40 years of service.  The audience gave a loud round of applause recognizing Tony for his incredible number of years of service. Congratulations Tony!

The Team Award was presented by Carmen Bartolotta, VP of Patient Care and Chief Nursing Officer.  Three teams were submitted for the award and they all worked extremely hard over the past year; each one deserving to be selected.  The team chosen for its outstanding accomplishment in 2018 was the GDP Premium Pay group. They reduced premium pay by 14%.  This was 3% better than the 2018 goal and 20% better than the 2017 goal.  The team developed several action plans to help accomplish their goal.  Some of their plans included operational vacancy analysis, sitter analysis, shift bonus reduction, multiple retention and recruiting programs and informing managers monthly on premium pay and agency needs in their department.  Congratulations GDP Premium Pay Team!

The Leadership award was presented by Tony Schwarm, President.  Three individuals from hospital management positions were nominated with Laura Lewis, Surgical Services and Oncology/Infusion Manager receiving the award for 2018.  Her nomination remarks shared the many excellent leadership qualities that she possesses.  One employee said that Laura is supportive, encouraging and inspiring to her many “opinionated” staff.  She guides in decision making and is great at bringing out the best in each employee, fitting them into the most appropriate role.  She is very good at building trust, promoting unity and creating a team approach to every problem. Laura encourages vision and purpose with her staff by inspiring creativity and out-of-the-box thinking and planning.  She is always looking for innovative solutions to the challenges that are encountered daily.  She handles staffing issues and complaints with a smile and willingly fills in for all staffing shortages.  Congratulations Laura!

The High Performer award was presented by Kathy Reed, Human Resources Director. This annual award is selected from the quarterly High Performer award recipients who were nominated by fellow employees from specific department groups.  This year there were 18 employees in the group who the selection committee had to choose from.  For 2018, Stacey Tyree, Communications & Marketing Specialist was selected as the winner.  Nomination comments about Stacey mentioned that she willingly participates in the Activities Committee, works and attends almost all events of the hospital after hours and on weekends representing the hospital in a positive way.  She has a positive, can-do attitude in all her work even though there is always so much activity happening around her desk making it difficult to focus.  She always smiles and happily adds to her to-do list.  Stacey has been a valued team member for over 20 years and consistently fulfills the service standards of excellence on a daily basis.  Congratulations Stacey!

The rest of the evening continued with drawings for a selection of very nice attendance prices, socializing and dancing to lively music provided by “Hysteria Sound.”  Everyone enjoyed the special occasion and appreciated the hard work of the Employee Activities Committee making this a memorable occasion to remember.


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In the News

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Classes and Events

MBSH Medical Clinics offer Student Physicals 15 May 2019

MBSH Medical Clinics offer Student Physicals

Student Physicals can be completed at Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital's Medical Offices.  BJC Medical Group providers are available to do both child's wellness exams and sports physicals.

MBSH Kids On Track Keeps Children Active through Summer Months 14 May 2019

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The Kids on Track program is scheduled to begin with a kick-off on Monday, May 20th at the MBSH walking track.


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