Top Specialists Close to Home

At the Sullivan Specialty Clinic, you can get high quality care close to home from specialists who travel to Sullivan to care for you. Our specialists are on staff at Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis and leaders in their fields, with credentials from Washington University and other top medical schools.

Specialists will be at Sullivan Specialty Clinic on the days specified below. To schedule an appointment, please call the number listed after the physician's name.

Allergy & Immunology

Hamsa Subramanian, MD
Second Tuesdays
(314) 872-3104


Denish Gangasingh, MD
Telehealth, first and third Tuesdays
(314) 996-5831 or (314) 996-5060

Cardiology (Heart Specialists)

John Groll, MD
(573) 468-7054

Raffi Krikorian, MD
(877) 849-0923

Jeremy Tietjens, MD
Second and fourth Fridays and TeleHealth on first and third Tuesdays
(314) 996-7272

Bradley Witbrodt, MD
Wednesdays and Telehealth first and third Fridays
(314) 996-7272

Brandy Raich, AGNP
Wednesdays and TeleHealth on Fridays
(314) 996-7272

Dermatology (Skin Specialist)

Richard Bell, MD
Second and fourth Tuesdays and first and third Thursdays
(573) 468-7054

Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)

Jason Rudman, MD
First and third Fridays
(314) 996-4790

Gastroenterology (Stomach/Intestinal Disorders)

Tarik Firozi, MD
(573) 468-7054

Ahmad Kadhim, MD
First & fourth Thursdays
(314) 996-3520

Nephrology (Kidney Specialists)

Alexis Argoudelis, MD
Rotating Fridays*
(877) 427-2425

Juan Garcia, MD
Rotating Fridays*
(877) 427-2425

Lissa Lopez-Concagh, MD
Rotating Fridays*
(877) 427-2425

*these physicians rotate Fridays to provide weekly coverage.

Neurology (Brain and Central Nervous System)

Brent Huffman, MD
TeleHealth second and fourth Thursdays
(314) 996-7080

Oncology (Cancer & Blood Disorders)

Located in the Cancer/Infusion Center on the main floor of the hospital.

Belal Firwana, MD
First, third and fifth Wednesdays
(573) 860-7950

Jason Li, MD
(573) 860-7950

Ophthalmology (Eye Specialists)

Gregg Berdy, MD
Tuesdays and Fridays
(888) 733-2010

Robert Brusatti, OD
Second Tuesdays and second, fourth and fifth Thursdays
(888) 733-2010

Ranjan Malhotra, MD
First Tuesdays and second and fourth Fridays
(888) 733-2010

Andrew Royer, OD
Fourth Tuesdays and first and third Thursdays
(888) 733-2010

Orthopedics (Bone/Joint/Sports Injuries)

Micah Hobbs, DO
(314) 733-9009

Rebecca Goodwillie, ANP
(314) 733-9009

Podiatry (Foot Injuries/Disorders)

Dixie Fox, DPM
First, third and fifth Mondays
(573) 341-3668

Keith Turlington, DPM
(800) 481-7072

Psychiatry (Mental Health)

Narsimha Muddasani, MD
Mondays and Fridays
(573) 468-7054

Pulmonary (Lung Specialists)

Shiraz Daud, MD
(314) 996-4700

Retina Surgery 

Alia Durrani. MD
Every other Wednesday
(314) 367-1181

Vascular Surgery (Blood Vessel/Circulation Specialist)

Ricardo Rao, MD
First Thursdays
(573) 468-7054

Find a doctor or make an appointment: 800.392.0936
General Information: 573.468.4186 | 866.468.4186
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